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You’ll recognize us through our quality, expedience, and correctness. We choose our suppliers carefully and we build relationships based on trust with our customers.

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About Us

Mures Vest Arad started its activity in the field of frozen meat products distribution, collaborating with prestigious partners in the Romanian market as well as on an international level. In the 21 years of experience, the company had diversified its portfolio which includes frozen pork, beef, poultry and fish meat. The most popular products are beef tripe and pork brain. For the tripe product (polyblock and strips) from CARLESSO MEAT SRL, we have exclusivity in Romania.

The products brought by us can also be found in hypermarkets such as Cora, Metro, Lidl, Kaufland, Penny, Mega Image, Profi, and among our customers we have Cristim 2 Prodcom, Ana si Cornel, Filsam Prod, Elit and many others.



Top Products

Beef tripe cutted

The 900g or 1kg casserole is one of our best sold products. Beef tripe cutted is pre-boiled and only needs a short time to prepare (15′-20′).

Beef tripe polyblock

Another high-demand product is the polyblock beef tripe, packaged in 1.5kg blocks. We have exclusivity on the Romanian market for the beef tripe produced by Carlesso Meat.

Pork brain

Pork brain comes in aprox. 1kg blocks, and registered record-sales from the over 2000 customers that we supply.

Quality Standard

We value our principles and believe that only through responsibility, integrity, and correctness will we be able to build long-lasting results.

With the acquired experience, Mures Vest Arad company is prepared for new partnerships with a view to a constant evolution and in order to continuously adapt to a constantly changing market.

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