Corporate Social Responsibility

At Mures Vest Arad, we believe that success is not measured in numbers, but in smiles. We truly reach our purpose when partners and employees work together for the welfare of the community.

We support:

The protection of the future of our business goes hand in hand with responsible actions toward the social issues in the community where we carry out our activities.

This is why we have a responsibility to dedicate ourselves to ensuring a more secure future for the following generations.


Teen Challenge is a rehabilitation program with the purpose of breaking the cycle of addiction, crimes, violence and street life. The objective of the program is to provide the ability to live freely, unchained to addictions.


Offers material and holistic support to marginalized women who are in critical situations, as well as to their children. The association also own a residential safe house named Casa Agar.

NISI Association

NISI Association reinstated into society around 30000 marginalized people. Families, abandoned children, single mothers, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitute women, AIDS patients received, through the association, a place to live, meals, clothes, education, affection and attention.


Has 3 main departments:

Lead Impact – which has the aim to inspire business people to have an impact in society through ethical conduit models

Leaders of Tomorrow – which aims to help students become leaders of integrity

Family Life – helps consolidate marriages on the basis of moral Christian principles.

DOWN PLUS Association

Bucharest DOWN PLUS Association has as its purpose the creation of favorable conditions for the inclusion in the society of Down syndrome people, as well as the improvement of their lifestyle.

ETHOS Foundation

The foundation supports people in need, provides food to the elderly and the invalids, offers unemployed people a work opportunity, gets involved in the care of inmates and people in asylums, hospitals, children’s homes, etc.

OPEN HEARTS Foundation

The Open Hearts Foundation guides and equips children who were separated from their families and the members of the families who are in need to overcome any obstacles with the purpose of reaching their full potential of social, spiritual, mental and physical development.


We made a commitment to a certain set of behavioural orientations. These guidelines are mandatory to all Mures Vest Arad employees and represent a promise to our business partners.

We committed to:

  • Comply with all laws

  • Fair competitiveness

  • Banning corruption and bribery

  • Observing the rights of the employees

  • The banning of forced labor and child exploitation

  • Promoting health, safety and environmental protection

  • A secure treatment of information and confidentiality

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